Wedding Catering

Weddings are special occasions in our lives because they bring feel-good moments for our minds and taste buds. The quality of food and beverages matters the most for us during wedding events. Therefore it is obvious for people to invest in the best catering services.

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Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is an event that is organized a few days after the marriage ceremony. It is celebrated by the bridegroom’s family to welcome the bride to the new home. We offer you the best catering services in Bhubaneswar that includes a variety of delicious cuisines

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Ring Ceremony

Ring / Mehendi Ceremony is one of the significant events in Indian culture. It is celebrated by the bride’s family to groom the bride for the wedding. During this event, we help the bride’s family to prepare the best and lavish cuisines to make it memorable.

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Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries are special occasions both for men and women. This is the day to celebrate your marriage and to make your relationship stronger. We offer the best wedding catering in Bhubaneswar which includes special arrangements and planning for wedding anniversaries.

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Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are considered to be the most important days of our lives. We all love to celebrate birthday events with a great deal of fun and joy. The inflatable’s, cakes, blooms and astonishing dishes are the principal features of a birthday party. Food is something which charms every one

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Sacred Thread Catering

With extraordinary occasions come incredible obligations. The holy string or Upanayanam is an event which is of marvelous centrality in a kid's life and Glorious Catering can impact it impressively progressively one of a kind by helping you to deal with the event in an issue free manner.

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Today Bhubaneswar is one of the fastest growing cities for corporate houses. Therefore the culture of corporate parties and events are becoming common here. Glorious caterers love to celebrate the spirit of growing corporate events in Bhubaneswar. Being one of the top catering

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